Client Testimonials

“Before working with Coach Cheri, I felt like I was at the end of my career. I was struggling to find clients and make the commission. In my first year with Cheri, we developed and worked a plan and I had my best year ever in real estate. I can now see a clear path in this career and I am excited about where the road will lead. ”

Jennifer O.

“Without a doubt Cheri has been instrumental in my setting, obtaining and in many cases surpassing my goals. She is very good in getting you to think ”outside” the box. I wish I had started with her years ago!”

Betty P.

(Charleston, South Carolina)

“Coach Cheri is a great ”sounding board” and advisor on all levels. Not only has she given me advice which has saved me enough money to pay for her sessions, but she’s also guided me to be a better leader for my team. She continues to inspire me to not only clarify my ideas, but also to try different approaches to reach my goals. I highly recommend Coach Cheri and consider her a wise ”investment” in my future successes.”

Angela M.
(Omaha, Nebraska)

Coach Cheri, I can’t express enough how grateful I am for your guidance and keeping me ”On Track”.

A few months back; when I had lost all my listings in one day due to my builder going out of business, when I hadn’t received a check in months, and ready to go get ”a job”, I called you out of desperation. You offered to do some coaching for me to at least get me focused and help me make a wise decision about my career. I am eternally grateful.

Together, we realized that it made no sense for me to get ”a job” and throw away 12 hard years of building my Real Estate Business. If I hadn’t called you that day, I am sure I would be waiting tables today. I felt that desperate. My Real Estate Business is now really back on track. We started a plan, and I’m happy to say that I can now pay for coaching and can see the light. I’ve had to change how I do things, but in the process, have gained a new appreciation for Real Estate and find that I’m in much more control of My Business.

Keep up the good service. You are an expert in your field.

Lisa R.
(Tacoma, Washington)

“Coach Cheri has been an inspiration to me!! Her experience and ideas have encouraged me from the beginning. Because of Cheri, I feel a confidence that I didn’t have before. I look forward to many years of growing with her guidance.”

Carol K.
(Gold Canyon, Arizona)

“I have been a coaching client of Coach Cheri’s for over two years and the only regret I have is that I didn’t begin coaching sooner. I can safely say I would not have achieved what I have over the past two years without her. She has helped me to grow beyond where I ever dreamed of going, which has more than paid for the fees I have paid to her. I see coaching as an investment in myself and in my business. When I weigh the cost with the benefits that I receive, this is one monthly expense I gladly pay.”

Tony V.
(Apache Junction, Arizona)

“We are long term clients of Cheri’s because she pushes us to new limits, guides us in maintaining life balance and gives us a fresh perspective on our business.”

Tami D.
(St. Cloud, Minnesota)

“Coach Cheri helped us to get and remain focused. She helped us to be accountable. Our business blossomed under her guidance.”

Anne C.
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

“Coach Cheri is Great! She has the experience and expertise to walk us through this minefield called real estate.”

Valerie C.

(Flagstaff, Arizona)

“Cheri’s planning guides really have helped me to better understand my goals, both personally and professionally. I’m always amazed at what I can accomplish once I put my mind to it.”

Noel W.
(San Diego, California)

“Coaching with Cheri has been a great benefit for me as a new agent, and her program works hand-in-hand with the training I receive in my office. There are real estate offices that don’t have a training program for their new agents, and I would recommend Cheri’s coaching for those who are in that situation. She’s able to help me ”think outside the box” and set my own priorities, besides giving me very practical advice for my business.”  

Linda R.
(Flagstaff, Arizona)

“If there has ever been a true blessing in my life, it has been Coach Cheri Alguire! When I found myself without a purpose, and my life changed in an instant without any control on my part, Cheri showed me how to pick myself up, take control of my own destiny, set goals, and actually find what my true passion in life is. With Cheri’s coaching, guidance and love, I feel I can accomplish anything. Having the confidence to pursue a dream all becomes a reality.”

Thank you Cheri, from the bottom of my heart.

Carol S.

(Keene, New Hampshire)

“Coach Cheri is truly amazing. She is upbeat, positive, organized and on track. Not only is she a great real estate coach, but a Life Coach as well! I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone.”

Carol M.
(Houston, Texas)

“Coaching has been great for us, our business has increased and we stay on track.”

Mike V.
(Atlanta, Georgia)

“Coaching was very helpful, because it made me realize that what is truly important to me.”

Kiri R.
(Lexington, South Carolina)

“Cheri is very positive and we have enjoyed working with her as as we kick started our business. She would try to keep us on track and accountable while infusing motivation skills.”

Terri R.
(Valencia, California)

“I’ve been with Coach Cheri for 3 years now and my income has tripled. I have more time and balance in my life and I always know that Cheri will support me or call me on things that aren’t working. She’ll rock your world.”

Theresa R.
(Seattle, Washington)

With Cheri’s help, I have been able to put a plan together that serves as a map for the year. Before I started coaching I was extremely overwhelmed with everything I wanted to accomplish. Cheri has helped me put things in perspective, write goals and set up action plans to accomplish my goals. My meetings with her help me stay in check and focused on what it is that I want in my life and she helps me stay out of that ”anxiety space”. Thanks Cheri!!

Rosalie R.

(San Diego, CA)

“Coach Cheri has been awesome to work with over the years. She has pushed us not only in our business goals, but as well as our personal goals. She has always had great suggestions and has been very informational when we have asked for ideas and input and she has great resources to offer that has helped guide our business. Thanks Coach Cheri.”

Mark C.

(Sacramento, California)

I have been a coaching client with Coach Cheri for over three years. When it comes time to evaluate my expenses each year, I look at my coaching expense as an investment and not just an expense. I am a much better agent, manager and business person because of coaching. I would highly recommend Coach Cheri to anyone who wants to take their business to the Next Level!


“Coach Cheri always seems to have the answers. I appreciate her experience, objective viewpoint & professional manner in which she handles any question or problem I may throw her way.”

Deanna S.

(Charlotte, South Carolina)

“Coach Cheri helped us take our real estate business from 60 transaction to 90 in just one year! Thanks Coach Cheri!”

Dave H.

(San Francisco, California)

“Cheri is a great coach and motivator. She has helped me through many challenges, and kept me on track when without her I might have totally gotten away from what I need to focus on for both my personal growth and the growth of my business.”

Sharon G.

(Pismo Beach, California)

Coach Cheri has been great, the only shortcomings have been on my end for not being as prepared for sessions as I should be (new year’s resolution #1!!), but even ”winging it” I feel I always walk away having learned something and am grateful for her advice.  


“Coach Cheri has helped grow our business and our team. She helps me plan and most important stay focused and positive.Our income has increased an additional 50% in the 2&1/2 years with have been with her. The money spent on coaching with Cheri is well invested.”


“I have been working with Cheri for more than 5 years. She provides valuable insight and thought provoking tasks and challenges. The biggest challenge will be yourself, and how committed you are to working the plan you and she lay out. Procrastination is the killer..”


“Coach Cheri is a pro. Although I have been in Real Estate over thirty years, I feel that we all need a coach. Cheri has continued to be supportive and knowledgeable. For example, when it change from a Sellers to a Buyers market. Cheri was right there with ideas and suggestions to modify our business model so that our business did not crash. In our area we’ve seen a number of offices close and agents quitting. Thanks Coach Cheri, you are invaluable to us.”

Scott C.

(Mission Viejo, California)

“If you hire Cheri as a business coach and follow her recommendations your business will grow far beyond what you will expect. I have been in the real estate business since 1978 and have been very successful over the years but never as successful as when Cheri was my coach. Under Cheri’s guidance my business boomed during times when everyone else business was going in the opposite direction. You will never regret hiring Cheri as your business coach.”

Mike V.

(Atlanta, GA)

“Cheri Alguire embodies the three Es: Efficient, Effective and Energetic. Every request is promptly answered and professionally addressed. If I need results, I contact Cheri…and so should you.”

Michael V.
(Orange County, CA)

“Cheri provided great advice based on experience and out of the box thinking in coaching me as a Real Estate Agent. She challenged me to rise above the “pack” and I achieved great results.”

Joe H.
(Tucson, AZ)

“Cheri is a dynamic and impactful individual. She is passionate and compassionate about helping other people achieve the best for themselves. There are few women I have met who have this wonderful ability to inspire and coach. I’m very glad to have Cheri as a friend and a colleague.”

Mark P.
(Greensboro, NC)

“Cheri is a great business coach. She is very professional, trustworthy and deeply cares about her clients. I look forward to our coaching sessions and always walk away with a new insight on my business and the best way to take it to the next level.”

Shannon S.
(Orange County, CA)

I met Cheri as a facilitator of the Residual Income game and was so impressed that I referred her to a number of others.

Her personable approach and outlook on life is very enjoyable.

Dave P.

(Orange County, CA)

Cheri is my secret weapon:

► a business coach that sees things in my professional blind spots

► a detailed record keeper and taskmaster

► a cheerleader when goals are not coming as fast as I’d like them

Every business person, real estate professional or sole proprietor needs someone like Cheri to help them set goals and stick to them.

I have found it a lot easier to achieve with Cheri Alguire in my corner.

Robert R.
(Orange County, CA)
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